O společnosti European Centre for Career Education

Palackého 15, Praha

European Centre for Career Education (ECCE) bridges the gap between academic knowledge and real-life applications with relevant career experience for brighter prospects. The practical nature of our programs compliments tertiary education knowledge and equips candidates with hands-on skills-set and applicable career expertise that are demanded by today’s organizations, companies and establishments across the globe. STUDENTS & RECENT GRADUATES We run an intensive 2-months summer programs with over 90 courses that are taught by industrial leaders, companies directors, CEOs, presidents of organizations and supplemented with 4 weeks of work internships in top-tier European companies such Siemens, Unicredit, Exxon Mobil, T-Mobile, Lego, PwC, DLA Piper, Clifford Chance, Allen&Overy, Dentons, Schonherr and other top 200 companies in the European Union countries.

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